Increase operational efficiency and boost customer service with HXA distribution bundle, providing broad visibility across the entire organization, this powerful ERP distribution solution delivers unparalleled control in managing suppliers, and customers while simultaneously tracking inventory items. HXA integrated Distribution mobile application, provides distributors real time visibility of remote transactions across distribution channels, and equip distribution personnel with a tool for instant transactions synchronized with the database.


Simplify and automate complex manufacturing processes, from financials to advanced planning and scheduling. HXA takes care of machinery configuration and setup, maintenance schedule and costs as well as repetitive processes, and service-based manufacturers.


Maximizing resource utilization, managing time and expenses, maintaining client relationships and retaining talents, optimizing project and contract management are all major capabilities that often make the difference between success and failure for service companies. HXA delivers all the insights to address these areas making it the perfect solution for growing businesses in the services industry.

Financial Management

Take advantage of a modern, web ERP solution for finance professionals. HXA has an integrated finance, sales and supply management software that couple modern financial functionality with tools to track supplies and streamline sales processes. HXA offers a bundle of modules with capabilities designed specifically for today’s auditors and financial professionals


Today’s retailers are faced with enormous pressure to sell seamlessly across channels, deal with a vast number of transactions on a daily basis, and accommodate an increasing customer base. HXA provides powerful capabilities to manage and streamline all sales transactions while maintaining good customer relations through advanced CRM.


E-commerce provide businesses a global outreach and can increase business profitability if managed properly. Consumer centric thinking is key, while at the same time, back end processes need to address the same challenges, be it through effective inventory management, supply chain, order, shipping, tracking and support. HXA provides an electronic online store, fully integrated with its other modules


Problems such as adding efficiency to recurrent business processes at the front or back office, providing managers with a global vision of business operations, capitalizing on consumer preferences or maximizing productivity gains, are all pains that are felt across the hospitality industry. These pains are countered by HXA and its tailored hospitality Bundle.