Be a Partner

Business and IT Consultants: Add even more value to your clients

Work with HXA to offer your corporate clients a modern, digital experience.

Why Join as a Partner

The HXA Partner Program offers a multitude of benefits for Business and IT Consultants, as we jointly serve the corporate sector.

Earn a lucrative commission and benefit from HXA suite of software that beat Traditional software Providers and is better fit for purpose than existing ERPs.

Offer the leading Business system for clients, as an individual referral partner, or with your company.

Tailor-made to what you can provide. We set goals based on your strengths.

Partners get fully trained in use of the HXA and Other related Platforms, and receive 24/7 onboarding support to maintain happy customers.

How the Program Works

  • 01

    Get selected as a referral partner after applying below

  • 02

    Get trained on the HXA platform by our sales team

  • 03

    Sign up 5 HXA clients and earn a revenue-based commission

  • 04

    Become a certified reseller partner, or continue as referral partner

What you can expect from us

Full responsibility for product development, security and 99.9% uptime.

Continuous support on how to sell HXA and related applications.

A program that is tailor-made to your goals.

Fair distribution of revenue based on responsibilities taken.

A long-term approach with the mindset of growing and sharing the pie.

What we expect from you

Ambition and capability to serve, grow and sell.

Sufficient understanding of HXA software to establish product-market fit.

Monthly alignment sessions to together move deals forward.

Highly professional approach towards HXA and clients.

Start working with HXA today

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